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About Chargetronix

We're more than just a company; we are a revolution that will empower a sustainable future
Our state-of-the-art modular EV chargers are designed to not only meet but exceed the demands of the modern consumer. We are an innovative EV charging company aiming to provide excellent customer service and support throughout the installation and ownership process. Our chargers are designed for reliability, easy serviceability by any technician, and customizability to each client’s needs.
About Chargetronix
Our Mission

Our Mission

Accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy

We aim to provide high-performance, eco-friendly charging solutions that are reliable, powerful, user-friendly, and accessible.

We are committed to being industry leaders by reliably delivering customized, customer-centric solutions. We endeavor to deliver unparalleled customer service by swiftly providing optimal solutions tailored to individual client needs.

Our Vision

Setting the benchmark for innovation, quality, and sustainability

We are committed to expanding our reach globally, leading the way in the clean energy revolution and setting new precedents for what is possible in the realm of sustainable transportation solutions.

Our Journey

Anchored by a team of industry veterans who bring many years of expertise to our mission

Our rise in the clean energy sector has been defined by an unwavering commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction.

By merging seasoned wisdom with fresh perspectives, we’re not just meeting the demands of the sustainable transportation landscape—we’re setting the standard for what’s possible.

Our Journey

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