Keep Your Fleet
Charged and Ready

As a fleet operator, you need charging solutions that maximize uptime and efficiency for your EVs.

ChargeTronix provides reliable, high-powered charging tailored to commercial fleet needs. Our modular chargers are easy to install, maintain, and scale as your electrification goals grow. With robot remote monitoring and management tools, you can optimize charging operations from anywhere.

Rapid Fleet Charging

We provide charging solutions that maximize uptime and efficiency for your EVs. 

Rapid Fleet Charging: Our proprietary power electronics and cooling systems enable speeds up to 80% charge in just 15-30 minutes. This high-performance charging keeps your electric buses, trucks, and vehicles running all day long thanks to max uptime. Whether you operate a small delivery fleet or a large transit agency, ChargeTronix has the scalable and reliable EV infrastructure to power your needs.

Rapid Fleet Charging
Built to Last

Built to Last

With ChargeTronix as your partner, you can electrify your fleet seamlessly and cost-effectively. Our expertise in fleet requirements ensures your EVs are charged and ready to deploy at a moment’s notice. Invest in the charging infrastructure to keep your fleet running efficiently with ChargeTronix.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Pragmatic choices, significant savings.

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DC Swift Chargers

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