Charging to Drive Revenue

As a retail or highway corridor business, you want charging solutions that attract customers.

ChargeTronix delivers charging experiences designed to maximize dwell time and repeat visits. Our hardware stands up to harsh weather and vandalism at highway rest stops and gas stations. With dynamic access and payment options, you can tailor pricing to demand.

Drive Customer Loyalty

With ChargeTronix, you make charging a profit center that delights customers. Our solutions are designed to complement your business, driving food, retail and service sales. Attract more customers with ChargeTronix.

Drive Customer Loyalty

Optimal Space Utilization

Integrated Charging Analytics: Get actionable insights on charger usage and customer behavior with ChargeTronix’s integrated analytics. Optimize operations by understanding peak demand times, ideal pricing strategies, and more.

Assured Returns

Investment with tangible benefits.

Find the Best Chargers for You

DC Swift Chargers

Charge your fleets within minutes