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1,900% Growth in EV Charging in 2.5 Years Causes Headaches

1900% Growth in EV Charging in 2.5 Years Causes Headaches


“Usually if there’s six [chargers at a station], maybe one will be working or two,” she said. “I was in Naples and only one was working. I had to wait two hours because I needed to charge to make it to Miami.”

This Florida woman was quoted by a Tampa news channel on Monday, and she’s not alone. Plenty of drivers who set out to find a reliable charge are experiencing just these sorts of hassles.

The frustration is real, and it’s growing. As the adoption of electric vehicles accelerates, the demand for reliable and efficient charging infrastructure is crucial. A recent report in the 1,900% growth in public EV charging sessions underscores the scale of the challenge – and the opportunity.

At ChargeTronix, we understand that the key to encouraging widespread EV adoption is to ensure charging is as seamless and reliable as possible. That’s why we pride ourselves on our core values of reliability, flexibility, leadership, intelligence of our products, and customer support.

Our highly sought-after DC fast chargers provide a full charge in just 20-30 minutes and are designed to be robust and reliable. They’re modular, easy to repair, and customizable to your unique needs. Plus, they integrate seamlessly with APIs, OCPP, and Open ADR – making them not just smart, but industry-compatible.

ChargeTronix is not just about selling chargers; we’re about powering the future of transportation. We’re here to eliminate ‘range anxiety’ and make EV charging as routine, straightforward, and dependable as filling up at a gas station.

To our B2B partners, industry influencers, and retail sector players, we say: let’s work together to turn these hassles into history. Together, we can drive the EV revolution forward – one reliable, fast charge at a time.

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