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“Usually if there’s six [chargers at a station], maybe one will be working or two,” she said. “I was in Naples and only one was working. I had to wait two hours because I needed to charge to make it to Miami.”
Did you know that converting your travel plaza or truck stop into an EV charging hub could mean you eventually are supplying the power of a small town

Not All Kilowatt-Hours Are Created Equal! Understanding Utility Rates is the Key to EV Charging Savings

Did you know that electricity rates for EV charging can vary significantly across utility service areas? As more fleets transition to electric vehicles, understanding these rate differences is key to maximizing charging savings. Some utilities offer special EV time-of-use rates, while others stick to standard commercial billing

New Study Shows Fast Charging Won’t Harm Your EV Battery

A recent study by Recurrent Auto reveals that frequent use of DC fast charging does not degrade electric vehicle batteries any faster than slow charging. Analyzing data from over 12,000 EV owners, Recurrent found no significant difference in battery health degradation between vehicles that were fast-charged over 90% of the time versus under 10% of the time.