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New Study Shows Fast Charging Won’t Harm Your EV Battery

New Study Shows Fast Charging Won’t Harm Your EV Battery


A recent study by Recurrent Auto reveals that frequent use of DC fast charging does not degrade electric vehicle batteries any faster than slow charging. Analyzing data from over 12,000 EV owners, Recurrent found no significant difference in battery health degradation between vehicles that were fast-charged over 90% of the time versus under 10% of the time.

This finding debunks a common myth about the dangers of fast charging and confirms what many EV experts have long suggested – robust thermal management systems in modern EVs protect batteries from any damage due to fast charging.

For EV owners, this means you can fast charge with confidence and not worry about hurting your battery. However, Recurrent does recommend avoiding fast charging in extreme heat or cold without preconditioning the battery first. They also advise switching to slower Level 2 charging once the battery reaches 80% state of charge, as most EVs taper fast charging speeds above that level anyway.

At ChargeTronix, we design our ultra-fast charging stations to be safe and effective for all EVs. Our liquid-cooled cables and advanced thermal management allow vehicles to charge at up to 360kW without risk of overheating or battery damage. We adhere to the latest protocols and standards to ensure seamless integration across all EV models.

The future is electric, and even frequent fast charging is absolutely safe for your EV battery. This 3-year study confirms this, so you can charge stress-free knowing your battery health is in good hands. The charging infrastructure and technology in today’s EVs ensure that fast charging is not only possible, but optimal for many drivers.

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